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Im Sophie.

Videographer & Editor. Founder of Sophie Lauren Productions. 


My journey commenced at Met Film School London, nestled within the iconic Ealing Studios. Collaborating with distinguished companies such as Carlsberg, Twitter, and Amazon Prime Video, I honed my expertise in lighting, sound, and cinematography, leveraging top-notch industry equipment and learning from seasoned professionals.

Post my academic journey, a pivotal moment at my brother's engagement ignited my passion to specialize in wedding film videography. Filming my inaugural wedding through a friend provided the canvas for developing my distinctive creative style.

Driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of wedding films, my commitment lies in crafting narratives with a natural and elegant ambiance. Employing cinematic cinematography and timeless color grading, I focus on capturing authentic, unobtrusive moments that encapsulate the enchantment of cherished memories. My dedication is to craft films that resonate profoundly, not only with the couple but with every individual touched by the magic of each creation.

Photo by, S6photography
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